10 Choices of Educational Toys for Toddlers

educational toys for toddlers

When choosing toys for toddlers, you should also think about the educational elements. At this kind of preschool age, even though your little one hasn’t really studied seriously, he can learn many things while playing. Such as getting to know letters and numbers, training their motor skills, and honing their imagination.

What kind of educational toys are suitable for toddlers? You can look for an educational function, for example for motor skills or to recognize shapes. Some educational toys are also great for practicing problem solving or improving memory. As a toddler, your little one may still enjoy throwing or dropping things, so choose sturdy toys. And of course, choose one that is safe for children.

So, what educational toys are suitable for toddlers? You can choose from the following cheat sheet!

1. Wooden block toys

Wooden block toys are perfect for toddlers who are starting to enjoy “building” something. These toys not only hone their imagination and creativity, but can also introduce them to shapes, colors, and even counting.

2. Lego

Your little one can be introduced to Lego from the age of 3 years. Like wooden block toys, lego not only trains imagination and creativity, lego can also introduce your little one to shapes, patterns and counting.

3. Role playing

To play a role, you don’t have to buy an expensive full costume. As simple as animal character masks, hats, coats or other accessories that can make your little one “someone else”. Role playing or grooming can hone a child’s imagination and creativity. Hmm, who knows if he has any talent for acting!

4. Puzzle

Puzzle toys can train your brain, spatial skills, and problem solving skills.

5. Kitchen and food toys

Does your toddler enjoy following you into the kitchen? If so, you can buy a mini kitchenette complete with cooking utensils, toys and food toys, as well as a dishwasher that can be filled with real water.

6. Puppets

Hand puppets can be used by your little ones to role play, or you can teach them something fun, without being boring!

7. Play-Doh

Play-doh toys or shaped candles will keep your little one having fun playing for hours because it will spoil their imagination and creativity. This toy is also safe for children and non-toxic.

8. Magnet letters

You can start introducing your child to letters by using this letter magnet. You can arrange simple words by sticking them in the refrigerator so that they start learning how to spell.

9. Balance bike or tricycle

Toddler age must be actively running here and there. You can buy him a balance bike or tricycle to channel his energy that seems endless. Playing outside is very good for his physical health.

10. Educational tablet

At the age of toddler, you can start introducing your little one to the device even though it’s not too much and is still being accompanied. You can buy educational tablets that introduce letters, numbers, and a piano in them.

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