There exist about 22 species of crocodilians now living. But they belong to larger and more ecologically diverse group called Pseudosuchia. The living crocodiles and gharials as well as the crocodile stem-group are include in Pseudosuchia . The vast array of extinct animals more closely related to crocodilians than to birds. Pseudosuchians are modern crocs . what dinosaurs are to modern bird and are got too acquainted with one of the many stem-crocodiles.

Armadillosuchus (Armadillo Crocodile) was a mid-sized, extinct genus of sphagesaurid crocodylomorph described in February 2009. Armadillosuchus was estimated to be 2 m in length. Its weighed 120 kg as they shares a number of mammal-like features in its jaws and teeth.  It is unrelated to mammals. Armadillosuchus is especially mammal. It had heavy body armor which is characterized by rigid shields and flexible bands on its back.

They are believed to have terrestrial and quite possibly fossorial lifestyle essentially. It is one but of many bizarre crocodiles from the Cretaceous period , what makes this genus different are the armadillo-like plates in the form of flexible bands . Rigid plates that run down the length of its body (‬hence the meaning of the genus name) ‬. ‬

Armadillosuchus is believed to have been a terrestrial crocodile. which means that it has left the water for extended periods to actively live on land as well as ideas. It also come from analysis of the fossil site . It back during the Cretaceous thought to have a very dry hot climate with seasonal rainfall. The legs which are better suited to walking than other more aquatic forms as well.

Another interesting feature is the lower jaw. It can slide forwards and backwards. ‬A degree of motion virtually unheard of in other crocodile forms . It is only capable of opening and closing. Only speculation at ‬this movement may have enabled to use a sawing motion with its jaws in a particular feeding. The style where the jaws also narrow quite significantly than being broad systematically.

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