European Stag Beetle

European Stag Beetle

It only takes them about 3 to 4 weeks to grow from baby beetles to adult and an adult Merchant Grain beetle can have a life span up to 3 years. Merchant Grain beetles can be found all over the world and can live in most of the cooler climates only. Once confused with a kind of beetle that does eat grain and product. The Merchant beetle was scientifically re-categorized, but the name was getting stuck.

These beetles usually get their name because they were mostly found on merchant ships which usually hide in an organic cargo. Merchant grain beetles don’t usually eat only grain products but they are even attracted to the foods which have high in fat, such as cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies, chocolate and many more. Merchant grain beetles are found in pantries or in food processing areas or warehouses.

Once a common species in European hardwood forests were found and in that stage, the beetle has declined in numbers during the 20th Century due to modern forestry. Especially the removal of dead oak and beech trees the larvae can only feed on rotten wood and need incredible amounts to thrive. After the storm “Kyrill” knocked over countless trees in 2007, many forests were not entirely cleared of the dead trees. The global population of  European stag beetle has not been evaluated yet, but it is a protected species throughout most of its range. Especially the head is brilliant, even the mouthparts are quite detailed with sculpted maxillary and labial palps.

There are 12,000 different kinds of beetles in the United States and over 300,000 species of beetles in the worldwide. Beetles are usually found on land and in freshwater and can adapt to almost any environment and any season. Beetles usually just live where they eat and where they are comfortable. Beetles can both hurt and help the environment at the same time. Some beetle species destroy crops in the farms or some destroy the property like furniture wood etc. Similarly, some species help get rid of garbage even eat dead trees or help in pollinate flowers. Adult beetles have two sets of wings.

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