Mantis shrimp

Mantis shrimp (AAA)

As one of the most prolific contributors to the Animal Toy Forum. Brontodocus has posted dozens of spectacular visual walk-arounds over the years. With the launch of the Animal Toy Blog he has kindly given the editors permission to migrate his walk-arounds from the forum to the blog. Mantis shrimp has very powerful claws.

As per the walk-around format, these overviews will be text-light and image-heavy, but what spectacular images they are! Brontodocus has also become an author for the Animal Toy Blog. So he can potentially edit/supplement old walk-arounds, or even post new reviews in the future. 

The AAA mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla oratoria (De Haan, 1844), like a lot of AAA figures, is a cast from a real specimen. It is stamp as “ORATOSQUILLA”. Mantis shrimp is identify by AAA.

This is probably because that species is the most important stomatopod in commercial fishery. These are sold as food in Asia.

The length of the Mantis shrimp carapace is 73 mm, total length (anterior margin of head to tip of the telson is 255 mm. To make this figure translucent rubber is use.

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