Red Kangaroo, male (Southlands Replicas)

Red Kangaroo, male (Southlands Replicas)

This iconic red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) bears the crowns of largest kangaroo, largest marsupial, and Australia’s largest native mammal. Exceptionally large males, also called bucks, boomers, or jacks, can weigh up to 200 lbs, stand about 6 feet tall, and cover a maximum distance of around 29 feet in a single leap. They are also notable for their impressively chiseled biceps and pecs!

No line of Australian fauna would be complete without a red kangaroo. The orange coloration on most of its body makes it immediately recognizable as a boomer. The other main colours are light grey and white with black for the hands and feet. The head features grey cheeks and ears, a white muzzle with a black nose and markings, and dark brown eyes. There are also medium grey patches on the heels.

This boomer measures about 14.5 cm tall and 15 cm long, making the figure roughly 1:17 scale on average. He is posed with his powerful body held fully erect, balanced on the tips of his toes and his sturdy tail. Perhaps it is the mating season and our boomer has just locked eyes with his next sparing opponent. Herbivorous though they are, red kangaroos possess sharp claws on their hands and feet. Combined with the immense strength in their limbs, this makes them savage fighters. And a good thing too, for in addition to males having to fight for dominance, kangaroos are frequently targeted as prey by dingos. A red kangaroo will defend itself by kicking, but when close to a body of water, it will jump in and tempt the dingo to follow. Should the dingo oblige, the kangaroo will seize its enemy with its arms and hold it underwater until it drowns. Very crafty and ruthless of them. They also won’t hesitate to do the same thing to any domestic dog that tries to get tough with them.

The sculpting on this toy is very impressive indeed. The body is covered in fine fur, and the insides of the ears are particularly well done. And the bulging muscles in the torso and limbs really make our boomer look like a powerhouse of brute strength. The claws are sharp enough to make it look even tougher, though not enough to present a danger to small children. The only real beef I have with this toy is that the seams at the arms are very visible. Still, I reckon it’s better than having them in the legs.

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