The toy is usually known as a plaything for children or infant. It is often an instrument used for playing the game. Toys playthings and games that survive from the most remote past and from a great variety of cultures of worldwide. The ball, kite, dolls, and yo-yo are assumed to be the oldest objects specifically designed as toys by the researchers. Toys even vary from the simplest to the most complex things and from the stick selected by a child and imagined to be a hobbyhorse to sophisticate and complex mechanical devices and many more.

Coordination and other manual skills develop from cumulative childhood experiences and even received by manipulating toys such as marbles, jackstones, dolls, kites, balls and other objects that require the use of hands and bodies. Mental agility, beginning in childhood, is challenged by puzzles of spatial relationships.

One of the most ancient and old toys for adults, children as well as infant is the ball and kite which was used in both sacred and secular games in a different sector. Other forms of toys also probably derive from magical artifacts and fetishes that played a prominent and important part in primitive religions.

Even today, during the Mexican festival known as Day of the Dead, sugar is formed into elaborate and beautiful skulls, tombs, and angels, among many of these forms, are essentially religious symbols but despite that, in the hands of children they become toys that are played with and finally eaten knowingly or unknowingly. Christmas-tree decorations, Easter eggs, Halloween decorations, and the Neapolitan, with its wealth of elaborate figures representing the birth of Jesus, are other obvious examples of toys of religious origin.

Similarly, there are various kinds of toys such as moving and non-moving as well. Moving toys include an exclusive variety of types of objects. It is probable that many experiments with basic physical principles were first realized in the form of moving toys known through the literary description. Explosive toy weapons and rockets developed from the early use of gunpowder for fireworks by the Chinese. Balance and counterbalance, the wheel, the swing, the pendulum, flight, centrifugal force, magnetism, the spring, and a multitude of other devices and principles have been utilized in toys.

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